What to eat in naples: our tips

What to eat in naples: our tips

To stay healthy and fit we’re listing some dishes you can only taste in Naples in their original version.


The first dish to try is definitely pizza. In the city there are different versions: there’s the thin-crust pizza and the double-crust pizza with both traditional and gourmet ingredients, but the real Neapolitan pizza can be found in the city’s historic pizzerias. They’re a lot. Here’s a link to a good list of pizzerias you can’t miss: The best pizzerias in Naples.


In most of the Neapolitano pizzerias you’ll find the classic pizza with cicoli (pork rind), ricotta and black pepper. The Antica Friggitoria Masardona is the real kingdom of fried pizza. The original site is located near the train station, a few minutes away from Acquaviva Apartments. Also try the sweet versions they offer.


One of the typical Neapolitan dishes is definitely the ragù, the world-famous slow-cooked meat-based sauce. At Tandem, in Via Giovanni Paladino 51, you can taste the ragù with different pasta combinations, including a vegan version. And if you’re a fan of scarpetta, you can also order only bowls of ragù in which you can mop up the sauce with some delicious bread called pane cafone.


Naples is rich in street food – any meal you get will be filling and perfect while walking. You can enjoy the classic wallet pizza and pasta omelette from the Pizzeria di Matteo. In Naples you’ll never be hungry.